Puglia around us

There are numerous activities and places that our guests can plan and visit during their stay


The white village of the fornello
3 minutes

The white historic center of Cisternino, typical of the villages of the Itria Valley, is also defined as an example of spontaneous architecture and is included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Dinner in Cisternino means tasting the local specialties with dishes based on vegetables and meat, due to the presence of the many stoves, real butchers with catering service in which to taste unique roast meat specialties such as bombette or gnumareddi, made with the entrails of pork and local veal.


The white city on the millenary olive trees
15 minutes

It is one of the must-see destinations for tours in Puglia, for the beauty of its white medieval village which overlooks the suggestive Piana degli Ulivi Millenari that reaches Monopoli. The uniqueness of the medieval village intersected by houses, alleys, stairways, Aragonese bastions all in white lime, the proximity to the Adriatic coast visible from the various balconies and terraces that surround it, give Ostuni the name of belvedere city.


One of the most beautiful villages in Italy
10 minutes

On the podium among the most beautiful villages in Italy, Locorotondo is another of the pearls of Puglia. This village is located in the enchanting context of the Valle d'Itria and the Valle dei Trulli. Literally it means round place, it takes its name from the round shape of its historic center. Looking at it from above, the small white brick houses with sloping roofs form, in fact, many concentric circles.


World Heritage Site, capital of the Trulli
15 minutes

It is one of the UNESCO sites of Puglia, a symbol of Puglia. Wandering from one trullo to another, many of which today are used as shops and businesses, you can't help but stop to take the perfect photo of the Trullo Sovrano or the Trulli Siamesi. The Trullo Sovrano, an iconic monument of the city of Alberobello, represents the greatest architecture in the construction of the trullo both for its impressive size and for the walls that go from dry stone to the use of mortar.


Between sea, art and nightlife
20 minutes

Monopoli stretches along 15 km of low and indented coast with more than 25 sandy coves suitable for bathing, embellished by a characteristic historic center of the early medieval period surrounded by high walls, adorned with towers such as Torre Cintola and Torre San Giorgio, churches and Castles, surrounded by farms, olive and almond trees. Once in Monopoli, the first thing to do is definitely take part in the walking tours in the ancient village, to discover the Cathedral of the Madonna della Madia, the Diocesan museum, the Porto Vecchio.

Polignano a mare

The seaside village overlooking the Adriatic Sea
25 minutes

Polignano a mare is a town in the south east of Bari famous in the world for being the birthplace of the famous singer-songwriter Domenico Modugno honored with a bronze statue, and for its jagged cliff full of blades and inlets such as, among the most famous, monachile blade crossed by a Roman bridge in the city center where every tourist takes the perfect souvenir photo. The crystal clear waters of the coves where you can dive and the historic center located overhanging the cliff, in fact, attract millions of visitors from all over the world every year, especially in summer.


The old town and the trade routes
40 minutes

Bari is the regional capital of Puglia. The airport and the port, which is also the largest port in the Adriatic, allow you to reach Bari by any means. The city has developed along 42km of coastline, is divided between the new area and the old Bari as well as the historic center, and is crossed in its religious and civil monuments, in its streets from different historical periods. From the Middle Ages, to the contemporary age, to the Second World War, this intertwining of history attracts tourists from all over the world at any time of the year.


The Salento baroque
50 minutes

It is the city of art in Puglia, known for the Salento baroque. There are many tours that you can experience in Lecce, both in the new part and in the old part, the more historical one, full of spiers, portals and churches. Crossing the ancient Porta Napoli it is a must to visit the Church of Santa Maria della Provvidenza, the sixteenth-century Palazzo Adorno, the Cathedral of Maria Santissima Assunta, the Basilica of Santa Croce, Piazza Sant'Oronzo with the column of the Patron Saint, Piazza del Duomo. The tour then continues to the Roman Amphitheater, the Castle of Charles V, the Church of San Matteo and San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, the Abbey of Santa Maria di Cerrate.

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